Bad Lieutenant [1993] : Keitel at his raw best

Keitel-what an actor,overlook the nic cage version & enjoy this,the unique.

Searing effectiveness from keitel which is worthy of the rate of admission on it can be individual, let down a bit by the bluray transfer. It’s possible i’ve just arrive to expect too much of the structure and this is the very best that could be performed with this underfunded finances movie?.

What can i say that has not been stated already about this movie.

Great film of plain electric power.

This is a vintage film, harvey keitel is excellent as a corrupt cop sinking even more & further into depravity. It would not be built nowadays as we seem unable to maintain desire in anything that will take time and reflection to develop figures, and can only cope with persistent action and cgi distinctive effects. I feel this edition may have one thing a bit strange about the soundtrack, i. Echoey and studio based mostly with no audio, but it’s a lot of many years due to the fact i initial noticed it and i cannot try to remember if it was initially like this. Definitely up there with some of the all time fantastic movies.

Bad Lieutenant [1993] : Harvey kietels best acting moments. Still hard hitting and gritty to the core.

Harvey keitel is on fire in this badass motion picture and gives the defining effectiveness of his profession. Forget the remake with nick cage. Abel ferrara is at his greatest also directing with a fierce depth.

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Bad Lieutenant [1993]
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