Calista Flockhart (Actor), Greg Germann (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over Format: DVD Ally McBeal – Season 1 Part 2 [DVD] [1998] : Been Searching My Soul Tonight

If you missed this first time around on tv, then shame on you. You have missed one of the finest dramas (in its early stages anyway) that was on tv in the late 90s. Laughter, tears, romance, it has the lot. What are you waiting for????.

I had forgotten that the early episodes of this series were a bit creaky. And at first ally seemedso young, goofy and nervous that she felt more like a teenager than a smart 27 year old lawyer. But by episode 5 or the show and the character finds it’s stride. And if it doesn’t quite measureup to the best ‘grown up’ tv of today, it still deserves praise for being one of the series that brokethe mold of what a tv show was supposed to be in the us. It had an openness to complicated tones that seamlessly mixed wild, sometimes surreal humor,more subtle humor and drama, to long story arcs and not easily solved once a week problems,and to being more about character than event, making tv a more novelistic and sometimescinematic medium in the process. Certainly ally mcbeal wasn’t the first show to do any of these things, but it was one of the firstshows that was a big success with these new approaches, and that helped paved the way formany of the best dramas dramadies and comedies on american tv in the years since. I’ll admit, with years of even braver shows since, ally mcbeal no longer feels quite as special, andin fact now feels a little limited. Especially with dvds allowing more than once a week viewing,a certain sameness to ally’s constantly fearful, broken heart and her funny/sad attempts to overcomeit starts to plague the show. But there’s still a lot to enjoy here. The performances are terrific from top to bottom, and every’silly’ character is given their serious and moving moments, and every ‘serious’ character is allowedto be laugh-out-loud funny at times.

Found out from the us amazon. Com that the series is available in the uk, but not in the states. So buy this while you can, and pity us poor yanks who can’t get our own – or if we did buy it here, couldn’t watch it on our pathetic single-region dvd players. Hopefully fox/dek will get a clue and release them here.

Collecting all of these dvd at the moment defo a box set collection to have, love ally mc beal so funny speedy delivery, good price and good condition for used.

  • love this series can watch ally over and over
  • Completed my collection
  • Revisiting Ally 14 years later

Ally McBeal – Season 1 Part 2 [DVD] [1998]

I was not going to buy this second part to the first series, but after buying the first half to find out how it all began, i could not resist. I thought that the first boxset was good, but this series just gets better as it goes on; i cannot wait to start watching the second. Ally mcbeal is everything you could want from a television show: dramatic, funny, sad (sometimes simultaneously) however, it is the comedy that shines above the rest; this is one funny show.If, like me, you’re a fan of john ‘the biscuit’ cage, you will be pleased to know that he appears much more in these later episodes than some of the earlier ones.

Love this seriescan watch ally over and over again.

I never knew really whether to laugh or cry and had to try and stop doing both so that i could actually concentrate on the stories. Fish and his woddle fetish is just so funny and dyan cannon is excellent and whipper. The names, mannerisms and little quips (bygones) make this a joy to watch again and again. You see some of the things coming but it is still v. Entertaining to watch how david kelly will make it happen. I think most single women late 20s early 30s can relate to ally – and i think the majority of us all have our “billys”. Vonda’s songs seem to carry the story though.

I have loved this series for years and this is all i needed to complete my collection of every single spisode.

Was so pleased how quick delivered , quality and have played it lots since 🙂 would recommend to friends as very pleased with this dvd as been looking for it for while :).

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Ally McBeal - Season 1 Part 2 [DVD] [1998]
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