Diedre Kilgore (Actor), Carter Roy (Actor) Rated: Suitable for 18 years and over Format: DVD I’m Still Waiting For You [DVD] : So bad it’s brilliant!

Did i guess the ending in the first 2 minutes?. A pretty good film with good intentions that don’t really get carried off. A good twist at the end, and well worth watching if just for the mothers hair (is it a wig?). It is in the style of “i know what you did last summer”, so if you liked that you’d probably like this. But if you are a hardcore horror/suspense fan, you will be a little disappointed.

When i watched this for the first time i thought i would hate it. Most slasher flicks tend to follow the same theme and this starts in the way that you would expect. However, this movie has some surprises in store and i dare you not to laugh at the end. The film is low budget and was advertised as being ‘in the style of i know what you did last summer’. Any film that tries to ride the back of another so blatantly is destined to go straight to video and almost certainly this one did just that. The plot is typical slasher stuff – psyco killer locked up for 13 years (unlucky for some), psychiatrist looking after him has pretty daughter, pyscho escapes on night of daughters end of term party etc. Don’t be fooled though, i normally hate this type of movie but the twist in the plot doesn’t just buck the trend of the genre, it’s more a case of trampling over it, biting the head off it and spitting out the pieces afterward. I laughed out loud at the end and defy you not to do likewise. Given the low budget, this could have been a complete disaster of a movie. Instead you get a surprisingly good film with a superb ending.

Good show with a good plot that keeps you watching until the end.

  • So bad it’s brilliant!

I’m Still Waiting For You [DVD]

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I'm Still Waiting For You [DVD]
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