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Let me start by getting the bleeding obvious out of the way first that most people for reasons i can not understand, criticise rocky v. It’s it because this is the first film we don’t see rocky in the ring?. Well that was the case with the recent creed movie and everyone i know loves that film. If you look at rocky v, it is basically creed. The only reason i can now think of why rocky v is not as popular with the fans as the other films is because it was a bit ahead of it’s time and people were not ready to see rocky or stallone for that matter in a different light. Perhaps stallone was too young to take the charecter of rocky balboa to a different place or fans just wanted another round in the ring like the four previous films did so splendidly. My personal opinion of rocky v is that it holds up well and has got better with age, possibly helped by the previous two films in the saga, rocky balboa and now creed. Depite this i have always rated rocky v and think it is a very good film with the heart and emotion of the previous installments. With the story following straight on from rocky iv from 1985, but actually made in 1990, it takes a dramatic turn with balboa forced into retirement after the beating he took from ivan drago.

I dont see what all the fuss is about?. I thought this rocky was as good as the rest, if not better. He is brought back to the streets where he was born and raised, which creates a ‘knock down’ effect, giving the family a chance to get up when down, which in all fairness is what rocky is all about. The street fight at the end was in my opinion, the best moment in all the rocky series.

Rocky 5 released in 1990 brought the story to an unsettling end,well it was the end until some 16 years later rocky balboa was released and we got the ending that we all wanted but for 16 years the saga of rocky ended here and the results werent good enough. The film starts off from where rocky 4 left off,despite rockys son robert being about 10 years older,and rocky forced to retire due to potential brain damage,rocky also loses all his money due to a dodgy accountant and the story goes full circle and the family return to the slums so to speak. This was of course unsettling to see rocky back where it started but the problems here start from a poor script which is a bit cliche heavy and the use of the flashbacks with rockys old trainer micky are a bit too cheesey and thats saying something,the film certainly runs out of steam in parts. The story also centres on young kickstart boxer tommy gunn who gets rocky to train him and gunn has the hunger to rise up through the boxing division and rocky is proud as it feels like rocky is back,when gunn turns against rocky through the help of an agent who is meant to be similar to real life promoter don king,then rocky needs to teach him some manners and as rocky came from the streets he decides to fight gunn on the streets instead of the ring and risk his life. The film isnt the worst film in the world,hence the 3 stars as i enjoy watching it but i dont live for it like the first four and the newly released rocky movie is also brilliant,but rocky five is a film that left a sour note in manys mind but is still part of the saga so it should never be ignored.

  • great collection to have.
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Rocky 5 [1990]

I expected it to be bad because of what has been said about it. But i can’t see where the problems lie. It followed the previous film, it was realistic and faithful to the characters. Don’t believe everything you hear. I worthy film in the rocky series.

I would have to say that i really enjoyed this rocky movie because it did deliver something and for the time i watched it start to finish, i was always glued to the screen. I have to admit that this film does have a lot of bad errors, especially with stallone not giving it his best but he does perform at an average pace. I would have liked the rocky and tommy gunn fight to have taken place inside a ring than out on the streets of philadelphia. Though the fight that took place between rocky and gunn was rather entertaining and enjoyable to see. Overall i reckon this rocky film could have been better and i am still going to give this rocky movie a **** because there were some bits of the film that i did like.

Excellant film to watch again and again.

Every franchise has a low point, and in this case it’s rocky v. Picking up immediately after the big fight at the end of the previous movie, rocky is in the midst of celebrating his victory over ivan drago. His hands start shaking uncontrollably, and he becomes confused and disoriented, apparently confusing adrian with his dead manager mickey. Returning to the states, things only get worse when rocky finds out his double-dealing attorney has invested his savings in a dodgy property deal and lost everything. He’s unable to fight again after a brain scan reveals that years of blocking punches with his head have begun to take their toll. With no other option, rocky and his family are forced to move back to their old neighbourhood in philadelphia. Everything in rocky’s life is going backwards. He reopens mickey’s gym, moves into his old house, and even starts wearing his old clothes. His boxing days seem to be behind him, until one day he’s approached by flamboyant boxing promoter george washington duke (clearly a parody of don king) who wants to get him back in the ring despite his brain damage.

Bergess meredith played mickey in this , a great person who is a powerfull person who brung so much life because of himself , there is a scene where rocky goes into the old boxing arena , he remembers mickey giving him insparational speech. The acting wasnt acting it was them telling a powerfull message that rocky inspired bergess to have good lives , and that if people feel like they dont want to live anymore then he will help , then he gives him an special item and i cried , he cried the scene was the best scene in movie history its very emotional , i just wish this world was good and that we can live in piece as one , rip john lennon.

Takes a long time to receive from uk to the usa. I does play on us region 1 psp’s. So it is probably region free code. I would recommend this movie to everybody.

Widely seen by many to be the worst of the 6 rocky films, i have to say that this infact is one of my favourites, the angel on your shoulder scene with micky has to be my favourite scene in all the rocky films, i’m also a big fan of the final fight sequence. Yes this film is corny and cliched in many parts, but hey that can be said of the whole rocky saga, so sit back leave your cynicism and critisism for rocky iv and enjoy this for what it is.

What can i say i luv rocky films.

In this fifth installment of the rocky franchise our hero is out of luck. Brain damaged from the epic encounter with drago in rocky four, he is unable to fight and in danger of going bankrupt, he moves back to his old neighborhood and begins training up and coming fighter tommy “the machine” gunn. For those of you who have heard the general conscientious that rocky v is not worth watching i strongly advise you to give it a go, the criticism of this film is something that has never really made sense to me. It moves away from the traditional format, (which by the fourth installment had become a series of consecutive montages with badly dated music) and sees rocky go truly back to his roots even wearing the hat again, add that to a return for burgess meredith in some bitter sweet flashback scenes along with a simple but decent storyline and you get a vastly underrated film. Rocky is persuaded by a young contender tommy gunn to step back into the world of boxing as a manager and coach. The pair of them get carried away with tommy’s success, rocky begins to neglect his son and gunn becomes lured by the riches promised to him by richard gant’s george washington duke, an obvious ringer for don king. Rocky v takes the franchise full circle and makes note of the obvious changes that have taken place in the world of boxing, and come to think of it, most sports around the globe. It brings a clash of the two types of sportsmen, the old fashioned and the new. The difference in rocky 5 being that the new uses his skills seeking fame and fortune and forgets what truly matters, a mistake rocky himself makes in the third film. The main difference however is that tommy lacks one special ingredient that balboa has, something that made rocky endearing to us all in the first place, rocky has got heart and so has this film.

Bought this for a present for my nephew and he loved it.

Sly stallone shows how much acting talent he really does have when he faces the thought of sending his own child to the same street school he was brought up in. Rocky’s career as a boxer is over and this leaves a gap in his life, this is filled however when a young and rising star named tommy gun wants rocky to train him, however this alienates rocky’s son and ends in an explosive battle between trainer and champ when tommy turns on rocky. The last in the current series of the rocky films, superb.

The reason rocky 5 is not so popular, is that people were looking for a sequel to rocky 4, not another sequel to rocky 1. Number 5 breaks away from the 80’s crap brought to us by the previous 2 sequels. It goes back to its roots of a real story, and they brought the original director back for it. This again has made a drama set in the world of boxing, rather than just a ‘boxing movie’. And for people who are just after the action, it actually has more boxing scenes than the other movies, its just tommy gunn for most of it instead of the title character, who by the way, was played by tommy morrison, who went on to win the world heavyweight title in real life. The script is solid, the characters have depth and it underlines the corruption that is ruining the sport of boxing. If you really are a fan of either film or boxing, rent the movie again and tell me i’m wrong.

I have a whole lot of regard for sylvester stallone soon after looking at a tiny bit of qualifications record on him. Not bad for a person who is partly paralysed down one particular side of his encounter, still repeatedly manages to produce strike motion picture following hit. By no means as superior as the initial a person but absolutely a sterling energy from the big male himself. Concern is will we see a rocky 7 ?.

Owing to a horrible beating balboa has mind problems, loses all his prosperity and should return to his humble beginnings with his serious-life son sage who will get picked on at school. Tommy gunn reveals up and asks balboa to practice him. He does briefly and gunn wins the belt but he is not the fan’s winner so the promoter implies a avenue combat.

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