Rated: Exempt Format: VHS Tape Stereophonics: Live At Cardiff Castle : Amazing-The stereos when they started out

I must admit im the biggest stereophonics fan in the world and was not disappointed by this. A great mixture of songs and in a non-byast way i’d recommend this for lovers of rock, grunge and open-minded people 4 sumone who doesn’t like 2 listen 2 music or wants 2 start listenin then this is a great start. It shows that they are not a bunch of butlins red coats who need all the recording equipment under the sun to make them sound good like steps. This is what a true british band should be play their own music ability to sing live and write their own songs this dvd is a great example of a true british band at their best and i sincearly hope that you buy this especially at the price it is a bargin for a dvd. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it on video or dvd but i’d take the oppertunity and e-mail me and tell me what u think of it aswell and thank me for the advice because you will love it.

Kelly jones – one of the best vocalists of all time.

Since going to 2 of their concerts this year we’ve become ‘late’ phonics fans & this dvd doesn’t disappoint, even though the concert was nearly 20yrs ago. Lots of their early stuff which sounds as good on here as it did live in cardiff this year. Was hoping they’d release a dvd of the ‘ktsa’ tour this year but sadly they haven’t yet, so bought this for hubby as a christmas present & he liked it as much as i did ;).

This live video is a true guide to how the best band in world have changed so much. I have followed kelly, richard and stuarts’ progress for the last year and so when i watched ‘live at cardiff castle’ i was pretty muched knocked off my feet. The welsh band have changed so much and this video films them like they will never be filmed again. Kelly actually dances to the music.The video captures the enthusiasm of the welsh three and makes you realise that they are now so much more ‘polished’ and ‘professional’. One and a half hours of pure entertainment and a definate for all ‘fans’.

  • Awesome. Kelly Jones – one of the best vocalists of all time.
  • Amazing-The stereos when they started out

Stereophonics: Live At Cardiff Castle

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Stereophonics: Live At Cardiff Castle
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