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Last time i visited the states in 2006, both my girlfriend and my best buddy had recorded some “robot chicken” episodes for my enjoyment. This show is the brainchild of seth green (y’know, scott evil from the “austin powers” films, oz from “buffy the vampire slayer,” and chris griffin from “family guy”) and a bunch of guys from the hilarious and informative but largely unknown-outside-the-usa magazine “toyfare,” which is geared towards the adult collectors of action figures, toys, and other pop-culture memorabilia. With the appropriate sense of humour. “robot chicken” (apparently named after a dish from a chinese restaurant’s menu) is a sketch show done entirely in stop-motion animation (with just a little cgi assistance) using toys both off-the-shelf and custom-made. The basic idea, told in the opening credits, is that a mad scientist finds a road-killed chicken, turns it into a cyborg, and forces it to watch lots and lots of television with frequent channel-changes. (we don’t know why he decided to do this; he is a mad scientist, after all. Forrester’s work from “mystery science theater 3000.

I first saw robot chicken by accident. I was flicking through the channels when i came across the star wars specials. I decided to get this dvd and was not let down for a second. My only complaint would be that each episode is just so short and leaves you wanting more, so i would say buy this product, if you have a sence of humour you will never regret it.

If you love ridiculous and random sketches that last 1 minute at max. Scenes such as “most one-sided fist fights” and “kill bunny” are just genius. Its quite dark humour and has some moments where it does just possibly cross the line. But really worth itits such a shame that england is about 2 seasons behind and the episodes are so short but this has entertained me a lot and has good replay value as i still cant remember most of the scenes after watching the series about 4 or 5 times. Watching with friends is best but definitely a good buy.

“completely mad” is an understatement when describing `robot chicken’. It is from the mind of seth green (of family guy/austin powers/buffy fame) that this strange creation has been created and it is some of the most funny and insane animated comedy that i have seen for a long time. It basically is a load of short clips, ranging from a matter of seconds to a couple of minutes, featuring some of your favourite toys from yesteryear, like thundercats, gi joe, he-man, star wars, dc and marvel superheroes, transformers as well as some very cleverly made custom ones, in the most bizarre situations imaginable. I’ve only seen series 1 so far and already i am completely addicted.If you’re a fan of other adult animated series like family guy, south park and clerks, i can’t recommend this highly enough as it is pure genius and real laugh-a-second humour. There’s some really good voice-cameos to spot in there too from the likes of seth mcfarlane, mark hamil, scarlett johansan, macaulay culkin and hulk hogan.

  • Absolutely classic
  • Brilliant series.
  • Funniest sketch show in existance

Robot Chicken – Season 1 Box Set [DVD]

This is by far my favourite programme, its got some amazing jokes and the animation is spot on. If u don’t know anything about it basically it’s a quick fire sketch programme done entirely with dolls, toys and plasticine models. It main creators are seth green and matthew senreich (not sure of the spelling), and they take piss out of everything. They often get the real actors in to do their own voices and u will be surprised just how much the models look like the actors they are supposed to be. They clearly put alot of work into this programme and it deserves to be recognised for this and the quality comedy that comes along with it. Can’t wait for series 2 and 3 to be released. Unfortunately its hard to review this properly as nothing i can say will do it justice, u just have to see it for urself. U can find clips of it on youtube so u can see what its like before u buy it which is handy because i can see that not everybody will “get it”. Although i have to say if u dont find this funny u seriously need to get a sense of humour.

Robot chicken – season 1 box set (region 2) (pal) [2005]this is one of the funniest tv shows i have ever had the pleasure of watching. From george w bush officially declaring: “tacos rule” to bill cinto borrowing air force one to get to the burning man festival, including fat guys trying to reach ice cream and runners being bisected by the finishing ribbon, this show will have you in absolute stitches. And if you don’t think it’s “your thing” just think of it as loads of family guy cutaway gags in stop-motion.

Its a bit beyond me, but my teenage daughter loves this and laughs her socks off at their humour and excellent filming.

A stop-motion sketch show may not sound like the basis for a comedy goldmine, but robot chicken is one of the most hilarious shows on the air today. The stop-motion animation complements the oddball humour perfectly, and there’s something in there for everyone; robot chicken seems to be pursuing a tireless quest to mimick and mock everything under the sun, from the blind date with an alien and a predator to the post-tv careers of he-man and the thundercats, from the world’s most one-sided fist fights to kill bill with jesus and a katana-weilding santa claus.

This is a wonderful series and i love it. The show features some of the most insane, hilarious and absurd pieces of comedy i’ve ever come across. Only disappointment were the extras of the dvd: the deleted scenes just made you more angry, because you didn’t get to see the sweet animation robot chicken is famous for and the jokes kinda died without the it. On the other hand, some of the commentaries etc. Provided a nice sneak peek behind the scenes of the show. If you like robot chicken (and even if you don’t, yet) you better get this one right now.

I had this in a two disc format the first disc was so hilarious, was laughing the whole way through, second disc wasn’t as good. But enjoyed it so much i have got robot chicken star wars in my lovefilm waiting to come. If you want a bit of funny, outrageous sense of humour mini episodes this is the one. I would highly recommend this to anyone, just brill.

Fantastic show, as is most things from adult swim. This will not be to everyones tastes but it cracks me up everytime. Season 1 is probably one of the weaker seasons but is a great start to robot chicken. It had me quoting it for months, much to the confusion of my freinds and family.

From seth green the man behind chris and other voices from family guy, robot chicken is a childhood dream come true. All your favourite childhood cartoons such as: batman, peanuts, teenage ninja turtles, thundercats, the flintstones, sailor moon, looney tunes, etc all parodied in short sketches. Robot chicken is very simple; characters made out of clay, a bunch of barbie dolls and special effects, but don’t be put off as it’s highly entertaining viewing. What you must be aware of though is that there is no storyline to the show. The jokes come fast and are very random which may not appeal to everyone. The show won’t achieve south park and simpsons status, but it’s a good laugh. The show is great and is one of the standout shows on cartoon network’s adult swim, but calling the show one of the best on tv would be going a bit too far. I’m ready for this show to blow up in the uk like family guy and become a little bit overrated. Overall: this show is great viewing and definetly not for kids. Any big kid who has a love for cartoons, comics and pop culture will love it.

Robot chicken is a modern day work of art and should appeal in some way to every person on this planetits is made using clay and action figures and has some hilarious paradies of past and present things in pop culture (e. G batman, kill bill, the real life, big brother, blind date etc)it also has some great guest stars including the family guy and american dad creator seth macfarlane, mila kunis, corey feldman, amy smart, sarah michelle gellar, weird al yancovich and the list goes on. Any fan of the simpsons, king of the hill, family guy, futurama, malcolm in the middle, american dad etc will find this dvd hysterical. If you have a soul you need this dvd in your life.

Its very entertaining its not incredibly funny but it is funny i bought it mainly because i am a huge fan of seth greens style of comedy and stop motion. I love all the references to tv and film i specifically love the kill bill spoof. Considering i got this for about £1 used the dvds played great and the boxed was in amazing condition.

Robot chicken is one of my favourite shows for multiple reasons:1. Made mostly in stop motion2. Has many celebrity cameo’s3. The shear hilarity of each sketchso ill make it simple. Buy this dvd it is pure awsome whoooo hooooooooocannot wait for season 2.

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