Stephen Fry (Actor), Alex Marty (Actor) Rated: Universal, particularly children Format: DVD Pocoyo & Friends: Series 1 – Episodes 14-26 [DVD] [2005] : Witty, Funny, Bright Pocoyo

The characters are all unique, brightly coloured and immensely entertaining. The blank background ensures kids are not distracted from the story, action or main objects. Stephen fry is an awesome narrator and adds to the charm of the show. And best of all, this is as entertaining for moms & dads as it is for the children. Ohh and the catchy music is great to jiggle to with the little ones too.

As a previous reviewer says. You could be 25 and still enjoy it. Especially good for winding down after a hard days work. There’s no quality issue on our copy so i expect the previous poster bought the wrong format – shame they had to take it out on the product even though they got it wrong. If you pine back to the days of the clangers, bagpuss and magic roundabout then this will sit quite nicely in your collection.

Kid’s stuff – not a follower myself.

Bought this book for my daughters birthday, as she was loved the tv series, she really enjoyed it. Arrived quickly in good condition, would use seller again.

  • Witty, Funny, Bright Pocoyo
  • Very educational. Kids love it and adults too!!!
  • Quality children’s programming

Pocoyo & Friends: Series 1 – Episodes 14-26 [DVD] [2005]

I’m a huge believer in quality tv for tots and older children, tv that won’t just mesmerise them with “pretty colours” and “gobbledegook” but that will actually teach them valuable lessons like saying sorry, being friends and playing fair. I simply adore little pocoyo and his friends, i don’t think anyone’s too old for them, and i’d highly recommend them for all little people. The show is fun, funny and very imaginative, and can be watched endlessly even if you’re 25. A pick-me-up for everyone and a real treat for young and old.

Bought this for my 3yr old son, he absolutely love the programme and i sometimes find myself watching it too. Very educational with bright colours i can see why it catches the attention of young children, an absolute must.

This is fab for little boys/girls.

My brother started to view pocoyo and love it, then he started to buy the videos for his (at the time) 8 months old son. My nephew is 2 years old now and his favorite toy is pocoyo since he was little. I went to visit them and after watching with my nephew so many times i started to like it as well and decided to buy for my 8 month old son. He likes a lot (but still doesn’t stay much in front of the tv – which for me is great). At least is something that i can put for him and make sure he is learning something.

Pocoyo is a high quality children’s programme which has more in common with children’s shows of old than the more modern offerings. One of the biggest pro’s is it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and isn’t mind numbingly boring for parents. Would reccomend for any child (or adult) from age 1+.

I bought this for my niece who is 4 1/2 and she was incredibly thrilled.

I bought this for my grandson and he loves it. Very entertaining and makes him laugh. It was used but both the case and dvd are perfect.

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Pocoyo & Friends: Series 1 - Episodes 14-26 [DVD] [2005]
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